4 undeniable advantages of a maisonette

The city apartment occupying two floors is a lot like a private house. Being unusual and comfortable, it creates a feeling of free space and a lot of room, not to mention the fact that the owner of such an apartment automatically acquires a status of a respectable and successful person.

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Large room for your creativity

That’s where you can realize your boldest design ideas! You can design the floors in different styles, organically fit multi-level stretch ceilings and the staircase of your dreams. The staircase, by the way, can become the real zest of the interior while the steps can be the original elements of the decor.

Accentuate different functional areas

Depending on your preferences, you can clearly divide the space of the apartment without compromising its overall style. For example, you can arrange some space for the reception of guests and some personal space, kid’s and adult areas, a living room and a creative workshop, a cozy home space and formal working area. By the way, more and more people prefer to do business without leaving the comfort of their home!

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You can get by with a minimum of furniture

There is an unspoken rule concerning the design of two-story apartments: the less furniture and various cumbersome objects they have, the more elegant the interior looks. Such an apartment is already self-sufficient, and the excess stuff doesn’t do any good to its design. The win-win solution would be to leave more room for free space and light!


The opportunity to sell your apartment more profitably

If you come up with the idea of selling your two-level housing, you can not only do it quickly enough, but also sell it at a higher price than a regular apartment. The thing is that such apartments are not very common on the real estate market while more and more people are striving to be exceptional in everything. By the way, these apartments are 30-40% more expensive than the standard options in the same house, but, of course, everything depends on the decoration and design.

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As you can see, a maisonette has a lot of interesting advantages, and, judging by the reviews of the owners of real estate agencies, the demand for unusual maisonettes is always there!

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